How do you determine the listing price for Palmia homes?

Pricing  Palmia homes is the most critical step to selling it, and you should choose a Realtor® who has the knowledge to price your home wisely. Here are some things to keep in mind: Don’t go with a “yes man” who will promise a high price in order to get your Palmia listing—your home may languish on the market. Don’t let an agent talk you into an artificially low price designed simply to sell as fast as possible.

Do have each agent justify the price through comparable Palmia properties and facts about the market. The selling price should attract prospective buyers to your Palmia home, get you top dollar in the current market and reflect the condition of your house. Be realistic. A good Realtor® will be honest with you about the value of your home and have the cold, hard facts to justify that value—both to you and to prospective buyers.

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